Teachers please shout here.......

If you would like to enter the Schools Aquathlon Championships 2022 please ask your PE teacher to either email race@schoolsaquathlon.co.uk or use this contact page to request an entry form.

This contact form is for TEACHERS only. If you have more questions after reading all of our detailed web pages please contact your PE teacher who will be happy to help you.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high numbers of competitors we simply don't have the volunteer resources to answer individual emails from over 600 parents each year.

Next Schools Aquathlon Championships - THURSDAY JUNE 2022 TBC

Entries for 2022 OPEN on 1st October 2021

Entries for 2022
 CLOSE on 1st March 2022. Please note that last year we were fully booked by the end of January. 


Please ask your teacher to get in touch on your behalf. Thank you and good luck!

Team Schools Aquathlon