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Next event is on Tuesday 16th June 2020 @ St. Teresa's Effingham
Schools Aquathlon Championships 2020 - Years 3 - 10. Year 3 must do SuperSprint category. Years 4, 5 and 6 can choose between SuperSprint or Sprint. Years 7, 8 ,9 and 10 can choose between the Sprint or Olympic category.




If you have any questions after reading this website, please ask your teacher for help and they will contact us if they need further assistance. Due to the sheer volume of competitors from nearly 50 schools, we will only be able to have direct contact with teachers. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The competitors will swim first followed by the run. This event is a continuous race just like a triathlon but without the bike phase. Boys and girls compete separately. Please note the run distance is an approximate distance but will be no longer than the maximum stated below.



(25m pool)                             


(maximum - please note distances can be shorter on the run phase dependent on event venue)


(two lengths)



(four lengths)



(eight lengths)


Children compete in their correct age group by date of birth – teachers please make sure that your competitors are entered in the correct year group on the entry form.

The indoor pool is 25m long. Children will be started at 10 second intervals into the pool. Swimming caps are mandatory. There will be marshals to help the competitors put on their swimming caps. Tumble turns are not allowed, competitors must touch the end of the pool when turning at the end of each length or they will be disqualified. Competitors must swim on their front, no backstroke due to health and safety reasons. Most children swim front-crawl as this is their fastest stroke.

The transition between the swim and the run is timed. Make sure your competitors have practiced changing quickly – medals can be won or lost during the transition. The competitors will be timed from when they are released into the pool to when they cross the finish line at the end of the run. Parents and teachers are not allowed in the transition area after the race has started.

The run is on grass and parts of it are over undulating terrain. It is fully marshalled. Please take care. The course is within the grounds of the school venue and is marked out with flags and tape. Trainers must be worn for the run. No studs or spikes are allowed.

Results will be announced at prize giving and will be available online within 1 hour of the event finishing. 

Each competitor will wear an ankle chip band, which will electronically time them from entering the pool to finishing the run. Individual timings for the event will be available online within 3 hours of the event finishing. See results above.

Girls must wear a full piece swimsuit, boys must wear proper skin hugging swimming trunks – baggy surfing style board shorts are not permitted. All competitors must wear a t-shirt/vest and shorts for the run, unless they are wearing a tri-suit. Female competitors are allowed to wear lycra shorts under their swimsuit to create a one piece. Marshals will check clothing at the start of the race, please avoid disqualification by adhering to the rules. No chests showing on the run. Boys are allowed to wear their long tight swimming shorts for the run as long as they exceed more than four inches down the inside leg measurement. Please make sure you go to the ‘Numbering’ table before the race briefing to get your numbers written on each arm on the side of the humorous and choose one leg on the quadricep. Please note only race marshals or team leaders/teachers are allowed to do this, do not attempt to write on your numbers yourself as they must be in a specific place and the correct size for course marshals to read them from a distance.

This will be emailed to the teachers/group leaders three weeks before the event to double check anomalies. The race will be run continuously with no breaks between each year group. If you miss your start time you will not be allowed to race. Marshals will collect each year group from the changing rooms and direct the competitors to the poolside. Announcements will be made over the PA system to give each year group a ten minute warning before their race is due to start. Please note the schedule is subject to change on the day please see the notes on Event Schedule below.

All finishers will be awarded a medal after they have crossed the finish line. Individual gold, silver, bronze and 4th medals will be awarded to competitors in each age category and separately for boys and girls. Trophies are awarded to the overall winner of the Supersprint, Sprint and Olympic categories. Please note medals and/or trophies cannot be posted after the event.

The event still goes ahead whatever the weather. Please make sure your school brings a temporary gazebo which you can put up on the playing field to keep all your belongings dry if it rains. It is also good to use for shade from the sun and for your pupils to have a school 'base'.

Due to the cost of putting on an event of this nature, it costs £18.00 per competitor to enter this event. This includes a £1.50 contribution towards medical cover. There will be a medic plus vehicle on site throughout the event. Please make sure you have read our race rules, terms and conditions before you enter. Refunds are not permitted under any circumstances.

The provisional schedule can be viewed on this website by 1st May 2020. This will be confirmed ASAP after entries have closed or when entries are full, whichever is soonest. Please note timings may change on the day due to unforeseen circumstances e.g weather etc. so please make sure if you are travelling from a long way to watch the event you keep in touch with your group leader to get the latest update on timings.

There is free coffee/tea/biscuits for adults outside next to race registration.


COMPETITORS : Swimming costume/trunks, swimming goggles, swimming hat – mandatory to race shorts/t-shirt/trainers to put in transition, plastic bag for transition clothes in case of rain, towel to shower after event, talcum powder for trainers – easier to put them on with wet feet! Full water bottle, packed lunch, pocket money to spend at stalls £10 for limited edition race t-shirt, waterproof coat and warm tracksuit for after the race, underwear if you have travelled in swimming costume/trunks, suncream and cap if weather is hot.

TEACHERS : First aid kit, maps to find venue, packed lunch, money for food tent.


Ask your PE teacher to email and we will send them an entry form to fill in. If your school does not have transport or staff to bring your competitor, please assign one parent as the group leader and you can email me stating that you have spoken with your school and have been given permission to be responsible for the school team on the day.