terms & conditions

Please make sure all staff, parents and guardians have read these before entering the competition.

1) Closing date for entries is 1st March 2022. Absolutely NO exceptions. Please make sure you enter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as this year there is a maximum number of competitors on the day due to the popularity of last years events. Last year we were full by the beginning of February. Entry forms for the pupils events MUST be completed by teachers only. If the teacher is unable to attend on the day, the school may nominate ONE person over the age of 18 to be the group leader who will be responsible for the whole team on the day of the event. This group leader must be nominated on the entry form at the time of entry. This is for strict insurance reasons.
1.1) Entry fees in 2022 are by bank transfer only. No cheques. Please make sure this has been confirmed with your school accounts team before you enter. Signing the entry form is acceptance of these terms and conditions and that the total competitor fees are payable regardless of competitor withdrawals. This rule is strictly enforced due to the capped entrant numbers and associated running costs of the event. Teams will not be confirmed entries until full payment of entry fees is received. Please do not jeopardise your team’s participation in the event by not adhering to this event rule.
2) Similar to 2019 – due to the large volume of entries, no refunds will be given under any circumstances due to the associated costs of running the event. If a competitor is unable to compete due to medical reasons, a school may replace that competitor with another competitor in the same year and in the same category (like for like) on receipt of a valid medical certificate AND if the teacher has notified Schools Aquathlon in writing before the closing date of 1st March 2022. Changes after 1st March are not permitted.
3) Daily timings/schedule will be published online one week before the event if not before.
4) Results will be available online on the day of the event.
5) Medals MUST be collected on the day, they will not be posted after each event unless a SAE is provided by the school with sufficient postage (allow £1.20 pence per medal). Medals will be awarded to 4th place in each category.
6) The organisers reserve the right to alter the format of the event without prior notice, should the need arise.
7) No refund of entry fees will be given if for any reason the event may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The event organisers reserve the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. If the event has to be cancelled last minute, cancellation will be posted on this website at NOON the day before the event.
8) The event will not be cancelled due to the predicted weather forecast. The event may be cancelled on the day only if immediately preceding or during the race there are severe gales and fork lightning posing a health and safety risk. It is the competitors responsibility to make sure they are equipped for very wet, or very hot weather.
9) Competitors are responsible for the safe guarding of clothing and equipment at the event.
10) The organisers and host venue accept absolutely no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
11) Minimum age to compete is 7 years old, maximum age is 15 years old on the day of the event. Every competitor must have an adult assigned to them on the day who is responsible for their supervision at all times. See rule 1.
12) Contribution towards medical cover per competitor is £1.50 which is included in the entry fee.
13) Please do not bring food or drink into the sports hall, snacks and lunch must be eaten outside near your minibus.
14) The organisers, volunteers and school hosting the event and their associates are not liable for any loss, damage, claim, injury (including fatal) or expense which may arise in consequence of any action or participation of them or any competitor, teacher, family member or spectator in the event. Every teacher must sign the waiver on behalf of all parents. All parents must have read the terms and conditions of the event and give permission to the school for their child to participate.
15) Photographs taken by the official photographer at all Schools Aquathlon events may be used on this website and in other media e.g. magazines. If you wish your child not to appear on photographs please write to us no later than 28 days before the event clearly stating your child’s name, race category and school.
16) Every school entered must bring a teacher/parent as a volunteer to help marshall the event for both morning and afternoon sessions as part of their entry terms. Schools entering up to three competitors are exempt from this rule. Schools entering large groups must bring one volunteer for every 20 competitors entered. This agreement must be honoured to enable this event to take place.