health and safety

Teachers and team leaders may request a risk assessment for the championships one week before the event. The organisers of the Schools Aquathlon Championships accepts absolutely no responsibility for the omission or inclusion of any data on this risk assessment. It may be used purely as a guide for visiting schools to alert them to potential health and safety hazards for their competitors. Please make sure all competitors and parents have read the event rules below.


1) Competitors must abide by all information, rules, terms and conditions.
2) Parents/guardians must be informed of race rules, this is the responsibility of the teacher in the charge of the team.
3) No competitor is allowed to move any other competitors’ possessions.
4) No parents, guardians or teachers are allowed in transition after it closes or whilst the race is underway.
5) Parents, guardians or teachers are not allowed as pacers, or allowed to run beside a competitor. In doing so this will disqualify the competitor.
6) As part of our child protection policy photography/video footage is strictly forbidden on poolside, changing and transition areas. Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to surrender their memory card and then leave the premises. Any competitor connected to the offender will be disqualified. This is a serious offence. There may be a official photographer taking photos. Photography is permitted on the running course.
7) Judges decision will be final. There will be absolutely no alteration of results after they have been published.
8) Registration on arrival. Please do not miss this or you will not be allowed to compete. You need at least an hour to set up your team before the race.
9) If a competitor misses their start time they will not be allowed to compete.
10) All competitors, parents, guardians and teachers must be present at the race briefing, please make sure you have walked the run phase before the briefing so every competitor knows where they are going.
11) All competitors must comply with the rules of the swimming pool.
12) Teachers, guardians and parents are not allowed on poolside, there are specific viewing areas to watch this phase of the event.
13) Competitors must wear trainers/t-shirt/shorts for the running phase. Tri-suits are allowed in replacement of shorts/t-shirts. No chests showing at any time. Girls are permitted to wear tight lycra shorts underneath their swim-suits. Boys may run in their swim trunks IF the length from crotch to length of leg is four inches or more. Swim hats MUST be worn by all competitors.
14) No studs or spikes.
15) No tumble turns. Swimmers must swim on their front, no backstroke for health and safety reasons. No diving, start in the pool. Five second penalties will be given for each offence.
16) Swimmers must touch the end of the pool with at least one hand before turning underneath the rope. Marshals will be checking this.
17) If you wish to pass another swimmer touch their feet. They must stop and let you swim pass.
18) No physical contact – any pushing and shoving will result in disqualification.
19) No food, drink or high heals allowed in the sports hall. Please note that our venues are nut free zones - please do not bring any food on site which may be contaminated with nuts.
20) BE CAREFUL between exiting the pool and entering transition, and exiting transition and starting the run. Competitors may need to negotiate slopes and steps barefooted.
21) The event will NOT be cancelled for weather reasons. Please make sure competitors bring a dry change of clothes. Remember sun cream. Hot showers are available for after the race.